Fakulteta za varnostne vede

The mission of the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security is to develop the field of criminal justice studies (also known as police and security studies), based on the traditional academic disciplines of law, sociology, psychology, political science, criminology and organisational science. The knowledge gained in the process is to be shared with students and other users, and its application promoted in everyday life. To this end, the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security creates partnerships between professors, assistants, students and other parties, and strives to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect conducive to research, investigation, excellence, critical thinking, innovation, creativity and the personal development of all involved.

As the only university-level institution in police and security studies in Slovenia, the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security is aware of its responsibility for the growth of this relatively underdeveloped field of Slovenian science. Therefore, we are strongly determined to bring quality to the fore and, through our efforts, develop excellent and internationally comparable courses. Further, the Faculty is strengthening its links with all organisations employing its graduates to ensure that their needs are met. Faculty courses, designed according to the standards of the single "European Higher Education Area" set out in the Bologna Declaration, are not only of high quality and internationally comparable, but also carefully adapted to meet the practical requirements of those for whom they are intended. In addition, we are committed to the full participation of the Faculty in contemporary European and world educational trends, which is why the exchange of our professors and students within the European Union and beyond is so important.

And finally, besides transferring knowledge from the international sphere of criminal justice and security studies and adapting it to Slovenian requirements, the Faculty also intends to make its own contribution to the body of international knowledge in the field.