Delphi survey (all reports in English)

Delphi surveys: In a third step, a future-oriented expert perspective was applied to the topic of youth problem behaviour and its prevention and control. By conducting two-wave national Delphi surveys and a third multinational round anticipated demographic and social changes of the decade to come were taken into account. While attempts to predict future developments always run the risk of being inaccurate, planning for the future inevitably requires prognosis or prediction. Different methods for forecasting purposes have been developed, among them the Delphi method as a multistep interactive survey method using panels of experts (cf. Armstrong, 2006; Häder, 2009; Powell, 2003; Rowe, 2007; Rowe & Wright, 1999; 2001). The panels of the national Delphi surveys consisted of multi-disciplinary group of experts, including practitioners from different relevant fields, researchers and policy makers. The survey instrument focussed upon future developments in the field of youth deviance and youth violence and the challenges arising for prevention and control. The main focus of the international Delphi round was again on future challenges but also on perspective for exchange of good practice between European countries.
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