Local interview studies (all reports in English)

In order to provide a coherent multi-perspective picture of (perceived) problems in the field of juvenile deviance and of attempts to prevent and reduce young people’s crime and violence, interviews with relevant actors in the areas chosen for the self-report studies were conducted. These interviews addressed multi-professional and multi-agency samples, including – among others - police, judiciary, and juvenile social work. Purposive samples were selected according to interviewee’s assumed expertise and with regard to professional and institutional heterogeneity. The interviews were conducted as semi-structured interviews based on an interview guideline (Lindolf & Taylor, 2002). The specific focus of the interviews was on the local situation of youth crime and prevention and on what works (or is perceived as working) and what does not work (or is perceived as not working).
Local Interviews - Belgium

Local Interviews - Germany

Local Interviews - Hungary

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